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CAL-133 approved products

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Products have a typical lead time of 4-6 weeks or less from receipt of payment and fabric.  Lead time ultimately depends on quantities and finishes, and stock availability when payment is received. 


Preapproved textiles:

Group 1: Scoop, Shelter (back)

Group 2: ASAP (seat pad), Aspen, Capri, Capri Guest, Four Cast (fully upholstered), Happy Barstool, Jet, K2, Kona, Lotus, Maven, Plasma, True Love, Turner

Group 3: Arlo, Longo, Monolite (back), Moondance, Prism, Rondo, Runway

Group 4: Ace, Alo, Didi, Happy, Happy Conference, Nadia, Sally

Group 5: Arroyo, Ayre, Jaxson, Monolite (seat), Nimbus, Nonstop, Papa, Quad, Shelter (seat), Tombolo

Group 6: Four Cast (seat pad), Mayflower (seat pad), Spin